New Starts and Cherry Tarts at the Cosy Kettle – Liz Eeles


I could start this review with repeating myself and saying that I just can’t resist a book centered around a food cafe. But I would just be repeating myself over and over again. So let’s skip that part and concentrate on the fact that this is going to be a very positive review, once we get one little annoying thing out of the way.

What is this synopsis all about? I can be completely wrong but isn’t a synopsis not meant to tell the future reader what the book is going to be about? Or at least highlight the strong features of the story so people will be drawn to it? None of that with New Starts and Cherry Tarts at the Cosy Kettle. After finishing this lovely story I reread the synopsis again and basically apart from the names of the characters and the fact that there is indeed a cafe I could have read the synopsis of a wholly different book.

When I started reading I was quite confused. I found our main character Callie hurrying to her job in a bookstore after she tried to convince her grandfather not to go skydiving or swimming in the local river naked. See I told you two very important things about this book that will probably make your heart beat a little bit faster. And it only took me 2 sentences.

Yes, this book is set in a bookstore. I know… fast beating heart, because well we are all book-lovers here. So a book that is set in our natural environment will just make is happy without even reading it. And our main heroine Callie is indeed starting a cafe, hence the name The Cosy Kettle, but the cafe is set in the bookstore. I know, now you are just having heart palpitations. I loved reading about the new owner of the bookstore and Callie trying to find her place after Flora took over the bookstore.. Flora is a wonderful woman, who is always willing to listen to Callies idea about the store and the cafe. She really respects and supports Callie and together they make a remarkable team.

So what about that skydiving, skinny dipping grandfather I hear you think. Yes, I really got you interested there. Callie is living with her grandfather who is one of my favorite characters so far this year. I absolutely loved his part in the story. Callie’s gramp has had a rough time himself and after reading a new age article he is trying to become his true self. An 80 year old men who wants to go skinny dipping, scuba diving and running… it is quite something different. But I absolutely adored the dynamic between Callie and her grandfather.

The story is filled with lovely side-characters who all have their own little story-line. There is Becca, a young woman who struggles with her social anxiety, but is so lovely and charming that I loved her from the first appearance in the story. Mary, a new mother who is trying to find her place again after becoming a mother. And so on… so many lovely people fill the Cosy Kettle and make it feel like home, even to you as a reader.

And of course there is some romance in this book. But and this is a very important but this story isn’t very heavy on the romance. 80% of the story is about Callie figuring out who she really is and what she wants to do with her life. Of course her old flame Noah brings some romantic moments into the story, but there aren’t a lot of them and for me that was quite a good thing. I just couldn’t really feel any chemistry between Noah and Callie. They had a very short relationship in the past, when they were teenagers, but even that wasn’t enough to make me buy into their love story. Now it felt a little instalovey and I think it would take more than a few conversations and kisses to close a gap of 8 years.

But apart from the romance that wasn’t quite believable I absolutely loved the story. I wish I could go and have a cup of tea in the quint little Cosy Kettle right now. I can hardly wait to visit the town of Honeyford again and learn more about Flora.



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